Flame Retardants Property Table

Flame Retardants Property Table
Product Name Content(%) Average Particle Size(㎛) Refractive Index Acid Value(KOH mg/g) Specific Gravity
CELLCOM - FR/ATH 99.0 mln 0.8 - 1.5 - - -
CELLCOM - FR/ATO 99.5 min 0.8 - 1.5 - - -
CELLCOM - FR/DBPO 82.0 min as [Br] 5.0 max - - -
CELLCOM - FR/DBPE 81.5 min as [Br] 5.0 max - - -
CELLCOM - FR/HBCD 73.5 min as [Br] - - - -
CELLCOM - FR/MC 99.5 min 4.0 max - - -
CELLCOM - FR/ZB2335 "36.0 - 39.0 as ZnO
45.0 - 48.0 as B2O3"
8.0 max - - -
CELLCOM - FR/APP "70.0 min as P2O5
13.0 min as N"
15.0 max - - -
CELLCOM - FR/TEP 99.5 min - 1.405 - 1.407 0.05 max 1.069 - 1.073
CELLCOM - FR/TCPP - - 1.462 - 1.464 0.10 max 1.280 - 1.290


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Based on our accumulated technological advancement, and experience through extensive research in the field of blowing/foaming agents, we provide our customers with optimal solutions for synthetic resins, rubbers and additives related to blowing agents.
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Product Type and Grade
Product Type and Grade
Product Name Type / Grade Application
PVC Straight Calendar Sheet, Film, Fitting, Hard Sheet, Pipe, Electrical Cable Insulation, etc.
PVC Paste Printing Inks, Wallpaper, Coatings, Artificial Leather Coatings, etc.
EVA VA = 15, 19, 22% Sports Shoes, Sandals, Sound Insulating PVB Interlayers, Toys for Young Children, Fishing Tools and Other EVA Sponges
LLDPE (PE-RT Grade) MI = 0.6 Cold/Hot Water Pipes, Polymeric Materials for Complex Shapes of Components in AI and Robotics, Pipes for Heating Systems, Radiator Pipes, etc.
LDPE MI = 0.85 ~ 2.8 Pipe Insulation, Mats, Protective Films, Shrink Films, etc.
HDPE MI = 0.044 ~ 0.350 Industrial Packaging Films, Bottles, etc.
SBR 1502, 1712, 1778, etc Most Rubber Products Such As Tires, Shoes, Rubber Hoses, Belts, etc.
NBR 35H, 35L, 35LM, etc Rubber Products Featuring Improved Oil and Cold Resistance Such As Rubber Packing, Gaskets, and Shoe Soles
DOP Ester Value 284 ~ 290 Artificial Leather, Sheet, Electric Wire, Gloves, Hose, Shoes, Wallpaper, Eraser, etc.
DINP Ester Value 264 ~ 2711 Synthetic Leather, Sheet, Wire, etc.
Zno Purity 99.5%, 99.0% Min Rubber, Paints, Enamels, Glass, and Other Industrial Products
DCP Purity 99.0, 40.0% Polymerization Initiators
Zinc stearate Zinc Content 10.5 ~ 11.5% PVC Stabilizer, Lubricants and Release Agents for Rubber and Plastics

Flame Retardants
Flame retardants are plastic additives that can be added to polymer materials that can be easily burned to delay ignition or inhibit the spread of combustion. Types of flame retardants include halogen, phosphorus, nitrogen compounds, and metal hydroxides. As the use of plastics has recently expanded to construction, automobiles, electrical appliances, aircraft, and ships, the need for flame retardants in consideration of safety in case of fire continues to increase.

Flame Retardants Property Table

Flame-Retardant Function
The flame retardant function shows flame retardancy such as removal of thermal energy, disturbing the supply of air, and interfering with the continuous reaction of the molecular fuel structure on combustion reactions.

⊙ Cooling: Bring cooling relief as water molecules generated during heating and decomposition take away thermal energy, preventing combustion. E.g.) Metal Hydroxide Compounds
⊙ Flame-Retardant Film Formation: By blocking materials that can catch fire with non-combustible solids or gases, air is blocked and combustion is prevented. E.g.) Phosphorylated Compounds
⊙ Dilution: It interferes with combustion by reducing the amount of oxygen present at the combustion course. E.g.) Metal Hydroxide Compounds and Antimony Trioxide
⊙ Interferes with the combustion reaction by absorbing active radicals, which are products of the combustion reaction continuously generated by combustion. Example) Halogen Compounds

CELLCOM - FR/ATH (Aluminium Trihydroxide)

Economical flame retardants that have a cooling function by releasing water molecules when heated and also function as a filler.

CELLCOM - FR/ATO (Antimony Trioxide)

Used in a variety of applications and exhibit superior flame retardancy when used in combination with halogen-based flame retardants.

CELLCOM - FR/DBPO (Decabromo Diphenyloxide)

The most representative and economical high-efficiency flame retardant that exhibits excellent flame retardancy in combination with ATO or ZB2335.

CELLCOM - FR/DBPE (Decabromo Diphenylethane)

A substitute for DBPO to prevent harmful substances that may be generated during combustion.

CELLCOM - FR/HBCD (Hexabromo Cyclododecane)

Show very efficient flame retardant performance for polystyrene.

CELLCOM - FR/MC (Melamine Cyanulate)

A crystalline mixture of melamine and cyanuric acid, useful as a flame retardant for thermosetting resins.

CELLCOM - FR/ZB2335 (Zinc Borate)

Can be used as a substitute for ATO, has the excellent function of an fire suppression agent.

CELLCOM - FR/APP (Ammonium Polyphosphate)

Show very good flame retardancy when used in combination with Pentaerythritol or FR/MC.

CELLCOM - FR/TEP (Triethyl Phosphate)

A liquid phosphorus-based flame retardant, used as a raw material in the production of plasticizers, pesticides and catalysts for producing unsaturated polyester resins.

CELLCOM - FR/TPP (Triphenyl Phosphate)

A white powder product that has a function of improving workability and physical properties other than flame retardancy.